So the car has been slow going. Spring time is in the air and temperatures are up in the 70’s most days, making me feel like I really want to work on the car and that’s where it stops…. The rain will not leave me alone. Every day I have time to work on the car it rains. I did get a few things done this week, cleared the engine bay of all of it’s distractions, pulled the front end body pieces, cross member, brake lines, clutch master, and lines, etc. I did get a good majority of sanding done to it, but am now in need of a good pressure washer to get some dirt out of areas I can’t sand it out of (seams mainly).


Time for some backstory…

A week or so ago I went to Pic N Pull to grab some parts off a 1990 240sx they had just dropped off, 92k original miles, college kid car neglected in areas but otherwise unmolested and in decent shape. I picked up a few trim pieces, the cluster, 2 seat belts, the seat belt controller (the one in the middle) and a few other parts. The main part I was after was the main body harness, as I was under the impression mine was cut at the engine relay box on the passenger and driver side. I spent all of 2 hours pulling this harness and got home to find out that the guy had done an SR swap and had relocated the relay boxes upside down under the fender on both sides, so I now have an extra pristine body harness for a spare, if I end up not needing it, it will be for sale so keep an eye out.

Anyway, I pulled the harness to the fire wall without incident, and found it’s in decent shape, nothing I would write home about but good enough, though I will probably re-loom it. Here is a picture after I pulled it from the front end.

Next I decided to pull the clutch master, and all the hard lines still in the engine bay. I’m pretty sure I’m going to run new hard lines for both front brakes and clutch. They weren’t mangled but they had been bent out of the way for the bottom mount turbo and IC piping and I just don’t like the way some of them looked.


I then pulled the cross member to get it and the rack / PS lines out of the way of the front rails, to get ready for paint. I can’t wait to get rid of this yellow. It’s by far the worst job I have ever seen for a professional paint job (yeah it was done professionally). I haven’t decided but I’m thinking of going over the engine bay with an enamel paint (black) to stand up tot he heat and look a little deeper. I don’t know we will see.

As you can see in the featured image, my son has really been helping out with all phases so far and I’m super proud of him, he told me he wanted to learn how to work on cars, and he has been super excited every time I have told him we were going to work on the car. I think the dog days of summer may hinder that a bit but who knows?

I will update as much as possible but the spring rains have set in (it’s raining as I type this) and it will probably be slow going until the middle to end of April depending on how long this springs rain season is.

EDIT: I created a video because I was bored. I might actually start doing More Vlogs, I kind of enjoyed.



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