So I found a bit if information today on the swap. There are a few things I need and a few things I need to do but this should be a relatively painless swap. From my discussions with a few key members on the Z31online Facebook group, I learned quite a bit.

The first being that the swap can be done without a mount kit but it requires some modification to the original KA engine mounts. While this is an option I was told about another option I’m leaning towards instead. Excessive Manufacturing has made adjustable mount plates that will help the engine sit lower and further back in the engine bay, increasing the balance by putting the engine further behind the front wheels.

After further conversation I found that I need to be looking for a Nissan Quest VG33E as it has the the correct oil pan. I will still have to notch the oil pan, and the crossover tube will not fit behind the engine. That seemed to be a problem because well, I want to run a turbo. Then out of no where the clouds cleared and heaven itself shown down on me with the most valuable information I had heard all day. Porsche 986 Headers can be fitted to the VG33E turned upside down, flanges cut off and fitted with a few more pieces of pipe to create a poor mans equal length turbo manifold similar to the one below.

I was glad to find that all of the turbo and non turbo VG30 electronics are what I will use for the swap. I was advised I would need to use the VG30 crank but after further discussion found that it would be due to accessories. I will retrofit accessories as needed so this will not be an issue.

Now on to the bad…

I found some cancer while trying to figure out why the driver side fender looked as though it did not line up with the bottom of the door. Come to find out, the lower pinch seam has been damaged and then rusted pretty bad on the fender. The damage is actually on the lower body pinch welds but can be fixed, the fender on the other hand is going to take some work. I will be trying to save the fender but I may be in the market for a new one if I cannot repair the rust issue on the lower pinch of the fender.


This will be addressed tomorrow and I will have an update in the afternoon / night.




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