So I have been going back and forth on the engine to put in this car. I went from an SR (my son likes the way it looks) to an RB25, to a SOHC KA-T to a DOHC KA-T to a 2JZGE (N/A to T eventually) to the VG30ET (SOHC turbo). I started to think about my uses, my power goals, the ability to get parts, engine availability for replacement, and overall price. I guess the best thing to do right now wold be to list the pros and cons for each engine right?

Pros and cons…



  • Good power can handle daily up to 300hp on stock block.
  • Easy install
  • Massive aftermarket


  • Expensive (3k for a low mileage S14 SR from a reputable importer.
  • Low end torque too low (I prefer torque to high revs)



  • Sounds amazing.
  • Meets and exceeds power goals
  • Low end torque available
  • Revs well also


  • Expensive
  • Not a direct swap
  • Parts can be hard to find

KA24E-T / KA24DE-T


  • Parts readily available
  • Good low end torque for an inline 4
  • Responds well to boost
  • Came in the car no need for refitting or rewire.


  • Requires a lot of tuning
  • Requires a custom turbo set (not hard but expensive compared to stock turbo engines)
  • Getting harder to find in my area



  • Meets my power goals and exceeds them
  • Great low end torque
  • Good aftermarket if you know where to go
  • Plenty of research
  • Engines available EVERYWHERE
  • VG33E is used as an upgrade (10% more performance)
  • I’m as familiar with the engine as I am with the SR and KA


  • It’s not the prettiest engine
  • It can sound odd if the exhaust in done wrong

My goals…

  • Good low end torque
  • 300 to 400 hp
  • Readily available engine
  • Easy to work on
  • Relatively easy on the wallet

With my goals in mind I have to set my sights on the VG. It’s a hell of a proven engine, that can make 300HP on a stock bottom end, has a good aftermarket, has a good following, I can pick up 17 VG33E’s from pick n pull today. They also have my low end torque needs and I really enjoy working on them.


My plans going forward…

  • VG33ET
  • Z31 Trans
  • Stock VG30ET turbo manifold (Changed this to a custom manifold made from a set of Porcshe headers)
  • Satan turbo relocation pipe (Not needed anymore)
  • HX35 turbo
  • Larger injectors
  • Possible V-mount FMIC and Radiator
  • Replace the welded dif with a J30.




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